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Early adopters will get access to their very own music lounge where you’ll be able to share to your NFTs in an immersive listening room. Available while supplies last. Claim your spot below.

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Buy with a credit card or ETH (determined by artists). Keep up with your favorite artists music, video and visual art NFTs by following them on HitPiece. You'll be notified when they drop.

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Earn 1000 HitCoin right now by creating an account.

Once you connect your wallet and join HitPiece, you immediately earn HitCoin. Earn another 100 HitCoin every time you buy or sell an NFT on HitPiece. HitCoin rewards and utility will be announced soon. We have some fun things planned for our early adopters!

The Chase Paves Collection is Here!

The number NINE is a reference to the angel number symbolizing wisdom, strength, and creative energy. CHASE PAVES, an independent west coast rapper, drops his creative art and original music on HitPiece as our hosted first collection. Grab this genesis NFT now. There are only 9 available!

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HitPiece creators are human verified. Look for HitPiece creators to promote their artist URL through their authentic social media. Follow them on HitPiece for notifications and look for the gold checkmark on their icon!

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